Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh the events of a year!

It was exactly a year ago that I decided to find a better place for me.  My marriage was terrible, I was crying every day, my husband informed me that he "hated" me every day.  There was not an ounce of anything good left in it.  I realized that some of why I was still married was the fact that I had family in Rexburg that I probably wouldn't see for a long time.  So I, with the help of some of my closest friends, decided to leave the life I had there, in hopes that there was happiness for me somewhere.

So I packed up, with the help of some very sweet people, and moved back to my parents' house. (Thank goodness for the apartment on the garage.) I got to a point where that wasn't working for me...it only took a month, lol. But then I moved into Levi and Cassie's house!!!!! I loved it there. It is by far my favorite place I have ever lived, as far as the house goes. I am so thankful for them!!!!  Then out of the blue I got a phone call from an old college roommate... well that phone call shortly turned into us moving to Mesa AZ.  I HATE the "condo" that I live in, but I love the people I have met here!!!!! They are amazing, and have made this difficult "blind" move bearable. 

I have been so blessed in the last year, it would take days to explain all that has happened. but all in all it has been a pretty good year, and, as odd as it sounds, leaving my husband and the life *I* had built, was the best decision I have ever made.

The one regret I do have is that I haven't been able to see my family in the Burg for way too long!!! I love you all and miss you so much.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So I know there are really only a very few people reading my blog, but I thought I 'd just tell you how amazing Arizona is! I love it here... I haven't done much but I still love it. I went to church with my cousins, and randomly got hooked up with the singles group activities somebody-or-another. Spent way more money than I had. And went to a family home evening with 1500 people. Its been super fun! I love it here!  Everyone come visit me!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So after waiting for way too long to take a vacation I finally took a week off from work. The real purpose was to go to Nevada for two of my cousins to graduate from high school and then one of them to get married a few days later. There were some weird things that happened... so let us re-hash them and see if I can figure out the meaning of things. In chronological order: I left Moab and headed to Nevada, not Vegas, which has the potential of fun, northern middle of nowhere Nevada, to a small mining town called Carlin. If you ever get the urge to go there... slap yourself and then decide to go somewhere else.

I got to Carlin and a few hours later I went to the graduation. I think there were 20 kids that graduated, Chris received some honors, as did Alyssa--who was valedictorian. This is where strange thing number one happened: Ericka, my aunt is quite active in her children's life... and if someone treats her kids inappropriately she "gets all up in their grill" about it. Because of her hyperactivity in the school situations the principal has decided that she didn't like Ericka, so to try to get back at her this upstanding leader in the school refused to announce the speakers, so the student with the highest GPA in the entire high school (Alyssa) was not announced before she spoke. Weird huh?

So then we rode 4-wheelers for a couple days, one of which Lacie-my brother- jumped his bike in such a way that it broke the handle bars on the 4-wheeler and put a big gash in his shoulder.  We did try to go to Jarbige once but we didn't make it cuz the snow was too deep the bikes wouldnt get through it.

So then came the day of the wedding. My assignments from the Bride (Alyssa) and her Mother (Ericka) was hair, makeup and nails for the wedding party, then my assignment from the MOH (Alyssa's little sister Tiffany) was to take charge of the traditional car vandalisim. lol. I did have lots of help so it wasn't all my fault. Most of it was just funny, and didn't cause damage, but the 9 year old boys that were involved wrote all over the hood and the trunk of the car with Sharpies, Then because of this the baby powder that was in the car pushed the B & G over the edge and they got way mad! Then because of their anger the MOTB got mad at me. I feel horrible about it. 

So I've not figured out anything but that I'm not liking the whole car tradition with weddings. My cousin may never talk to me again, and I hurt one of my favorite people, Kill me now!?!?!?

Friday, May 14, 2010

After all of the changes that have happened in my life I haven't even checked my email much, let alone updated my blog... then when I was talking to Kia (my amazing sister in law) tonight I remembered that my old blog is very tied to my old life... hence the new blog! With this blog I can post whatever I want and don't have anyone looking over my shoulder to be mad about what I put on here. lol.

So lets see how I do with this one.

I should probably start off with a disclaimer... My life really is magical, and its all because of our loving Father in Heaven, who watches over everything and directs things in order to accomplish his purposes! He has definitely directed my life and because of that I'm where I am today, and have no reason in the world to look back, or to wish I could alter the "Broken Road" (Rascal Flatts) that has brought me to where I am today!